My Dog is My Inspiration

Two Facts:

  • Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with my dog (Bailey)
  • Dogs are incredibly resilient creatures that have been known to overcome horrible conditions and situations only to turn into the happiest, most wiggly-butt companions.

Although I have no desire to have a wiggly-butt, I do admire what my dog has overcome. and she actually inspires me to work toward beating the odds.

Bailey was rescued from a puppy mill where she was kept in a crate as a puppy. As she grew, her crate didn’t. Eventually she outgrew her crate to the point where her back legs couldn’t develop and became deformed. When she was rescued, she couldn’t walk. (And this is where I add in that you should never, ever buy a dog from a pet store)

After her rescue, foster parents took her in and kept her in their backyard so she would have room to learn to walk. After about a month, she was able to walk fairly normally, but with stiff back legs. She also got pretty good at hopping through that family’s garden and flattening all plants in site. And that’s when I took her.

I started taking her for walks, picking up her front feet and making her walk with her back legs (dancing time), and I would throw her toys across the house to make her run and get them. When my roommate moved in with me, he started taking her for runs around the neighborhood. A year later, she’s outrunning most dogs at the dog park 🙂

The moral of the story here is no one ever told her she wouldn’t be able to walk (well, maybe someone told her that but she didn’t understand). No one planted negative thoughts in her head and made her second guess herself. She just did what she could and never held herself back.

With humans, it’s different. Doctors tell you how difficult recovery is. Research and statistics tell you how bad the odds are. So you get all these negative thoughts put in your head and you have to try to tell yourself “No, they’re wrong. It can be done”. But it’s tough to ignore all of that and switch your thinking. That’s when I try to tell myself to be like Bailey – just do what you have to do to fix yourself like no one ever told you it couldn’t be done.


6 thoughts on “My Dog is My Inspiration

  1. Hi there Elise! Nice to “meet” you. I love this post – Bailey sounds like such a friend and inspiration! (and beautiful, too!)

    I’d love to add your blog to the CF Blogroll. In order to be added, you first need to add our blog button – the instructions on how to do that are here:

    Once you’ve done that, let me know (by leaving a comment here, on my blog, or on the cf blogroll like you did before) and I’ll be happy to add your link!

  2. Elise, your mom sent me a link to your blog. I am so proud of you and your attitude about CF and about your commitment to your dog! (BTW, your mom and I are 1st cousins in case you were wondering who I am) Anyway, I too am very committed to the pet situation in our country, all you have to do is check out my facebook page. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats!

    I am so impressed at your attitude and outlook about things. I sense a little stubborn streak, bet I know where you get that! 🙂

    While I agree with you on the transplant issue being a personal choice, you also have to take into consideration the people around you, most especially your family that loves you very much! Just make sure you weigh all the pros and cons and let your family weigh in on your decision as well. Will be praying for you too Sweetheart. God Bless!

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