Thankful Thanksgivings

I’ve been reading a lot of other CFers” blogs lately and I ran across one that mentioned a CF Tumblr page called Cystic Fibrosis Confessions.

Confessions with a Sad Face

I checked it out because I was curious about the idea of CFers anonymously posting confessions about how they feel, or things they do related to CF. What I found on this page was a bit out of scope from what I expected.

I figured I’d run across some confessions about people skipping their treatments or smoking even though they knew better, but what I found instead was actually pretty upsetting.

So many of these teens and young adults are posting about how they feel like people think they’re freaks or they’re worried about friends being burdened by all their regular routine CF stuff. It honestly broke my heart reading these confessions.

Confessions with a Happy Face

I love the idea that this page gives us all a sounding board to express things anonymously, but I just wish I could reach out to these CFers somehow. Let them know that things can be good and that there’s definitely nothing wrong with them. It’s also a reminder of how much further we have to go in raising awareness for CF.

I hate knowing that there has to be a reason for these thoughts creeping into these kids’ heads, and it was mostly likely one thing that one stupid person said. Ignorance like this happens with so many diseases and disabilities. Information alone can go such a long way to keep things like this from happening.

My Thankful Confessions

At the same time, reading all of these confessions also made me thankful for the support system of family and friends in my life and for everything else great I have going for me. And since it’s November and everyone on Facebook usually posts one thing a day that they’re thankful for, I figured I’d post all of mine on here in one big chunk. These are my thankful confessions.

There’s always something to be thankful for! Always

  1. I’m thankful for my parents. They have done so much for me in my life to support me that I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am for all they’ve given me, all the times they’ve dropped whatever they were doing to fly thousands of miles to help me, and how they always have my back 100%. Best parents’ award here, folks.
  2. My Florida and Ohio friends who love the stuffing out of me even if I do have to cancel plans when I’m sick or bring medicine with me when we go out.
  3. My puppy. My next boyfriend may have to fight for my affection, because Bailey is my entire life.
  4. That I grew up with a sibling with CF so I wasn’t alone on this wild ride.
  5. That my other brother is healthy and happy with his wife and got to escape all this CF shenanigans.
  6. My new team of doctors in Pittsburgh
  7. Modern medicine
  8. Lungs that are hangin tough for 27 years
  9. My job and awesome boss that allow me to work remotely around my health schedule.
  10. The beach that I will eventually return to
  11.  All the traveling I’ve been able to do in my life
  12.  Puppies
  13.  My education (Go Bearcats!)
  14.  My bed
  15.  My car
  16.  Lap pools, treadmills, ellipticals
  17.  Cell phones
  18.  HGTV home make-over shows to keep me company during the day
  19.  Mountain Dew
  20.  Friendly midwestern people
  21.  Panda bear videos
  22.  Giannamores pizza
  23.  The Internet to entertain me in the hospital
  24.  The Steelers
  25.  Snow
  26.  Country music (and Brett Eldredge’s existence)
  27.  Will Ferrell movies
  28.  Fried pickles
  29.  Gilmore Girls
  30. The fact that my 4 best high school friends and I are just as big of dorks now as we were 10 years ago (proof below)

Me and my 4 best friends being dorks last week – Thankful


Me and the same 4 best friends being dorks 10 years ago – Thankful



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