Catching Up

Besides the fact that I’ve finally been listed for transplant, other things to catch you up on are:

  • I had no choice with my health but to quit my job and file for disability
  • I was in the hospital again and on IVs for two months
  • I want to train Bailey, my husky, as a special needs dog 

Could You Spare Some Change?

So, first of all, I finally got to the point that I had to quit (hopefully just temporarily) my job altogether until after surgery. I kept trying to hang in there and at least go part-time but for the last two months I’ve just been getting sicker and sicker. For awhile all I could do was sleep ALL day. Literally, at least 18 hours, I would be sleeping and then when I was awake I could never eat. It was getting pretty silly. I was pretty much a pasty lump of worthlessness.

This is me:


Attachment Issues

I was in the hospital and on home IVs again since I was only getting worse. I was on the antibiotic Zosyn 24/7 at home. They gave me a little pump that runs constantly and you have to carry it absolutely everywhere you go. I could tell I was starting to feel better so I kept up with treatment but WOW was that a huge pain being attached to something all day, every day. It was like carrying your purse and never being allowed to set it down and walk away. Guys, you know what that’s like, right? Ah! It drove me crazy!

Say “No” to Drugs

I also increased my oxygen to 6-8 liters (depending on activity level) and my doctors switched my appetite stimulant pills to Marinol, which are actually cannabis based pills. Munchies! Luckily the pills finally kicked in and my appetite is slowly getting back to normal. People don’t seem to understand the feeling of not wanting and physically not being able to eat, but it really does happen! It’s annoying.

In the meantime I learned a real-life lesson about overdosing. Don’t do drugs kids. Once my doctors increased my dose of Marinol, I wasn’t thinking the first night I got the new prescription and accidentally took 4 pills instead of 2. To make it even worse, I just had a new prescription for a pain med too.

Let’s just say my mom had to take my phone away so I didn’t call 911. AND I thought Bailey was a drug-detecting dog who was going to turn me in.

It was not fun. I thought I was going to die.

Don’t do drugs.

Drug-Sniffing Dog to Blood-Sniffing Dog

Besides all that fun stuff. I’ve decided I want to train Bailey to detect blood sugar levels in humans. That way she can alert me when my blood sugar level is low (or when it’s high after surgery since many patients end up with diabetes).

Last week, my nurse came to my house to do bloodwork in the morning and I got a call about an hour later asking if I was ok. I was like “yeaaa, why?” She told me that my blood sugar was so low that most people would have been passed out.

I’ve always had trouble with my blood sugar levels being low but getting a call like that was kind of a message that I need to do something about it. Now I just need to track down a trainer, which is going to be the hard part. Most dogs trained to do this start from the time they are puppies. Not many people are willing to train an older dog already belonging to someone, but I want to try. My best friend would be watching over me 🙂

If anyone has a tip on how to go about getting her trained as a service dog, please let me know!

Other than that, I think I almost have you caught up on life through the transplant wait.

P.S. I’m feeling MUCH better currently 🙂


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