Where are My Bathtub Crayons?

I can’t imagine what I’d do if I had one of those moms you see at the grocery store cursing and yelling at their kids while she’s picking up her case of Nati Light and trying to ignore them by talking on the phone. Or like the mom in the movie Matilda, “Mine [my kids] are driving me crazy. I’ll tell ya, six hours a day of school IS NOT enough.”

Thank God for Good Moms

Luckily, I have the greatest mom in the world who is helping me with nearly everything, everyday while I wait for my lung transplant.

I have my good days and bad days when it comes to sucking in oxygen but the bad days are starting to take the lead. I’m usually not feeling well enough to even leave the house except for doctors appointments.

Other than making food for me, bringing me all my meds, running up and down the stairs to grab things I’ve forgotten, doing my laundry, taking my dog out, and a million other things my mom now has to help me wash my hair in the bath since it’s become extremely difficult for me to take a shower on my own.

What’s even worse is my hair is falling out 😦 I’m not sure if it’s from being on steroids or being malnourished or what but it’s pretty sad because I love my hair and it’s so so so thin now.

My mom has gained a new 5 year old and I’ve gained a nice head massager 🙂 Plus it’s the only use my swim suit will probably get for another 2 years 🙂

Smile from Your Heart. Smile from Your Liver.

Other than that whole ordeal, life is actually pretty good right now and my spirits are pretty high most days.

My doctors and I have really gotten my happy pills tweaked and I think it’s really helping keep my head up during this waiting game. That’s one concern doctors often have with their transplant patients is keeping their spirits up.

I think with my friends and family’s help I’m doing a pretty great job. People keep sending me care packages and flowers which I can’t even explain how much it helps to keep me in a good mood knowing that my friends haven’t forgotten about me while I’m stuck in this house.


All the silly things make me smile and I love that my friends and family know EXACTLY how to put a smile on my face. It’s the small things.
Huskies. Pandas. Unicorns. Hello Kitty. Lisa Frank


What’s even better than the packages is my friends coming to visit. They keep my sanity in place and usually make me laugh until my stomach hurts and I’m wheezing.

I’m so blessed 🙂


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