Death is a Funny Thing

If you don’t have a sense of humor about death, I suggest you skip this blog post and wait for my next one.

My family tends to have a morbid sense of humor when it comes to death and it just so happens that my mom and I sat down to write my Will, which usually comes along with the territory of having a major surgery like a transplant. You know, “just in case.”

The original conversation we had was a plan that both of my parents wanted to be cremated, my older brother and his wife wanted to be cremated as well, and then my oldest brother and I were going to be buried next to each other in Ohio.


I was watching an episode of Long Island Medium (which I highly suggest you watch if you have anyone who has passed away and you want to feel better) and they also happened to be working with a lawyer to write their Wills.

The show is about this woman Theresa who is a medium, meaning she can sense spirits and connect with people who have died. Her husband Larry mentioned that when he dies he wants to be made into sand art!


So there began my search to become ash art after I die. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it would look a little something like this:


And if I’m going to be ash art then I figured my brother didn’t want to be buried alone. I asked him if he wanted to be ash art with me, but he wants to be turned into this other type of sand thingy that you flip over and the sand runs down in between two pieces of glass and creates little colorful mountains like this:


Mind you, while I’m writing this blog, my mom is sending me links to Pottery Barn and Frontgate asking me which pretty jar I want haha. I told her I think we need to figure out how to make me into rainbow ashes before we go picking out jars.

My brother suggested each family member be turned into a desktop toy.

Yea, we’re weird about death. Told you.


One thought on “Death is a Funny Thing

  1. I love this and I’m so proud of they way you are handling your life with hope and joy instead of gloom. Don’t ever forget that God isn’t done with you yet. Big hugs and prayers .

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