I just celebrated my 28th birthday and 6 month lungiversary all in the same week!I just got back from celebrating in Disney over the weekend with a friend. It was amazing and physically exhausting at the same time!

We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge, which was great and we covered all the ground of Animal Kingdom on Saturday. My lungs did a FANTASTIC job getting me around the park; not one complaint. However, the rest of my body had a little more trouble keeping up. I’m still struggling to get my body back in shape after my transplant so my legs, feet and back were KILLIING me by the end of the day!

On day two we took off for Magic Kingdom. After about an hour my body was crying for a bed and a massage, but my lungs still held on in terrific shape. I was pretty happy with myself altogether. I even had a chance to recreate my childhood while I was there!


I’m obviously having trouble finding a happy medium trying to get my muscles back in shape. About a month ago I got back in the gym and ended up tipping the scale by working out too hard and putting myself back in the hospital because my body couldn’t keep up with the muscle repair. After that, I decided just to walk every other day slowly and lift light weights to try to keep that from happening again, but now I’m not exactly thrilled with the results seeing how much trouble I had walking slowly through Disney.

I guess it will come with time and for now I can just be happy that my lungs are doing their job, so well, in fact, that I’m about ready to start looking for a job again:)


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