65 Roses

My friend/roommate and I are planning a 5k for Cystic Fibrosis!

After having my surgery I feel like everything I just went through happened for a reason and one of those reasons, I feel, is to bring awareness to CF.

We thought a great first idea would be to hold a 5k in our town with proceeds going toward CF, and so far it seems like this is just something that is meant to happen.

We’ve been discussing this for a few weeks now and doing some research while jotting down ideas that we think of. We usually like to take my dog, Bailey, outside to the local brewery for our brainstorming sessions. My roomie has a beer, I have a coke and my pup gets tons of attention. Perfect situation!

Well, last week serendipity happened.

We were at the brewery as usual and some very sweet girl came over to love on Bailey for a little bit and we got to talking. We seemed to get along pretty well. She asked if she could sit down with us, but she was smoking so I politely explained to her that I had just received a double lung transplant and that she was welcome to sit with us as long as the wind was blowing in the opposite direction or when she was done with her cigarette.

We started talking some more and told her that we were brainstorming for a fundraiser 5k …and that’s when it happened!

The guy sitting next to my roommate leaned over and said that he didn’t mean to eavesdrop but he worked for a running store in the next town over and they actually help people plan events just like this on the side!

They do everything from helping to get t-shirts designed and made to getting city permits and taking care of all the logistics.

Can you believe that?

I truly don’t believe it was a coincidence. I felt like all of that fit together like a puzzle piece and was meant to happen so I got even more excited for this to happen.

We even ran into this lady on the side of the street a few nights later selling little items that look like they may be made of a type of grass or something like that. I bought a purple rose off of her for the purpose that purple is the color for CF and to go along with the story of 65 roses.

If you don’t know the story, check it out here


P.S. if you have any tips for us or would like to be a sponsor please leave a comment here or email me at rempae@gmail.com!


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