I’ve Come So Far

I’ve come along so far since my transplant.

I’m finally getting back to a new routine, my roommate and I are planning a 5k to bring awareness and hopefully raise some money for CF, I STARTED MY OWN COMPANY, and I just tried paddle boarding for the first time yesterday, which tells you I’m getting stronger!!

How cool is all of that?

All of this is officially overwhelming but for anyone getting ready to have a transplant or just had one and need motivation to know that there is life after all the struggle, here ya go!

We’re finally coming along with the 5k and starting to figure things out. We decided to plan it a year from now to make sure we have time, since my roommate and I are becoming increasingly busier. So far we have our name and date and we have great contacts to help us with all the nitty gritty details. Shout out to Runner’s Edge in Boca for helping us out!

As for the business, I didn’t get hired back at my old job after my transplant like it was supposed to happen but for anyone worrying about that, there are always different routes to take and everything happens for a reason. This definitely happened to me for a reason and that was for me to start my own business that’s becoming overwhelmingly successful before we even have “our doors open”.

I don’t even have a bank account for the business set up yet and I’ve had 4 great people already contact me about doing marketing and design work for them. What a blessing! Trust God, man. That guy knows what he’s doing.

In other news, I tried paddle boarding for the first time yesterday. This is the first thing I’ve been able to knock off my bucket list since my transplant. I was terrible but the experience was great. My friends and I had a new friend take us out and show us the ropes. Of course I fell in and didn’t last very long but at least I was able to do it at all. It just encourages me to exercise more and get my strength back.

It’s insane how much your life changes once you let go of the worry and just trust in Him.

P.S. Check out my new company logo that I’m so stoked about!


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