What Keeps Meh Alive!

My Medications (inhaled)

  • Colistin – anti-biotic mostly for Cepacia
  • Casyton – anti-biotic for Pseudomonas
  • Albuterol – bronchodialator (opens airways)
  • Hypertonic Saline – helps clear mucus
  • Pulmozyme – helps thin mucus
  • Advair – opens airways

My Medications (pills)

  • Zenpep – pancreatic enzymes, taken each time I eat
  • Prilosec – for heartburn
  • Welbutrin – for the crazies
  • Multi-vitamin
  • ABDEK vitamin
  • Extra Vitamin D – I just run low
  • Turmeric – anti-inflammatory supplement that does tons of awesome goodness
  • Omega 3 Krill Oil – Overall good for you
  • Probiotics – to balance out the digestive side-effects of all the anti-biotics
  • Ginseng – Just for the heck of it
  • Percocet – Just on days my lungs hurt too badly to cough


Right now I’m doing the Vest 3-4 times a day, while simultaneously using my Flutter. Three days a week I also have a therapist come to my house for CPT.


Elliptical – 30-40min every day (while watching Dexter or Homeland)
I throw in some squats, bicep curls and ab exercises in between. I’m definitely still working my way up to the full work-out and training that I used to be able to do.


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